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RF Repeaters from Shyam Telecom

see url Shyam Telecom designs and manufactures comprehensive range of RF repeaters for in-building and outdoor coverage. In order to increase network coverage and reach low ARPU market segments, we set out to develop our own range of RF repeaters while operating GSM services in India.


strategia matematica opzioni digitali RF repeaters provide cost effective in-building and outdoor coverage in areas such as tunnels, buildings, basements, car parks, restaurants, airports, rural areas, highways, railway stations, dense vegetation areas, etc.

Shyam Telecom’s Varied Range of RF Repeaters

  • see url Outdoor Repeaters
    Outdoor RF repeaters complement the BTS by increasing the mobile coverage area; thereby increasing the network utilization. The required capital expenditure and associated operational costs are substantially reduced while deploying outdoor repeaters for coverage network expansion. Designed for outdoor use, these repeaters can withstand extreme temperatures and whether conditions while minimizing environmental impact. Low operational expenditure of outdoor repeaters allows MNOs to cater to the low ARPU and low population density areas which may be inaccessible due to high operational and capital expenditure costs associated with BTS sites.Our wide-range of outdoor RF repeaters caters to varied applications, such as rural areas, densely populated vegetation areas, hilly terrains, islands, valleys, mines, and far-off villages. As access to mobile telephony trickles down to low ARPU market segments, mobile operators require innovative solutions that, while providing Quality of Service to the market, are also financially viable.


  • Low ARPU market segments become accessible and financially viable using cost effective RF repeaters
  • Ubiquitous in-building coverage enables reliable voice communication, business productivity, and faster emergency services
  • Seamless integration of RF repeaters with macro networks
  • Cost effective increase in coverage area boosts the network utilization of the mobile networks thereby decreasing the cost/erlang to the MNOs
  • Capable of extending operator specific and multi-operator coverage areas
  • Remote Management System (OMCR) and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is optional The varied range caters to a wide-range of applications, from in-building coverage to outdoor and rural coverage for hilly terrain, small islands, far-off villages, valleys, mines, etc.

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