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Wireless, today, is still an emerging market. It is yet to become pervasive in our lives, as pervasive as many expect it will be. Globally, the industry has spent the last two decades building mobile macro-network infrastructure covering cities, suburbs, and rural communities. However, it will not be these macro-networks that will drive wireless into maturity; this will be done by micro-networks. It’s the development of wireless as a utility that will drive the growth of wireless. The macro-networks provide only an umbrella, whereas the micro-networks enable the customization and innovation in wireless.

Shyam Telecom is committed towards developing in-building coverage solutions that help its customers address their needs. Shyam Telecom leverages its experience of the entire telecom value-chain to provide customized solutions for its customers: mobile operators, real-estate owners/developers, and neutral-host providers.

To enable growth and extend the reach of wireless into under-developed sectors of an economy, mobile operators require innovative and cost-effective solutions that make business sense and connect even the remotest villages to global information. For mobile operators, Shyam Telecom provides a wide range of signal coverage products that assist mobile operators in optimizing their network performance by deploying customized coverage solutions for their unique subscriber topography. Our customized solutions enable mobile operators to cater to a wide range of subscribers, from remote villages to multi-storied skyscrapers.

For real estate owners and developers, Shyam Telecom’s solutions combine ubiquitous coverage for multiple mobile operators along with public safety and two-way devices. Our customized solutions allow real estate owners and developers to maintain the aesthetics of the building and minimize environmental impact while at the same time fulfilling their mobile communications requirements. Ubiquitous in-building coverage gives businesses the freedom to access enterprise data and productivity applications. Deploying coverage solutions that provide ubiquitous coverage for multiple wireless operators give enterprise tenants the freedom to optimize the organization’s voice and data plans. Ubiquitous public safety and two-way communication coverage enables faster emergency responses and ensures reliable communications during any crisis.

Enterprises gain by providing seamless mobility in their premises, providing connectivity to business productivity solutions that dissolve any sense of limited reach to information. We are enabling the wireless evolution by providing ubiquitous mobile coverage solutions that range from the remote village to the skyscraper.

Shyam Telecom will work with you in the planning and development of your specific solution. The company specializes in developing innovative technical plans that can address even the most challenging of environments.

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